This series of one hour tutorials were delivered by Dr Ian Coombes to 4th year Medical undergraduates at the School of Medicine Univeristy of Peradeniya University. They were adapted from the Series of Safe Medication Practice Tutorial Program developed for University of Queensland , Australia.
Tutorial 1 = Introduction to Human error and medication safety . This session focused upon error theroy and the knowledge and skills required by junior doctors to safely and effectively prescribe. Background work to this included an investigation of the attitudes of doctors on tjeir first day as an intern in Brisbane Australia ] and an analysis of why junior doctors made significant prescribing errors.

Tutorial 2 = Safe Prescribing (general principles) and safe anticoagulation This tutorial was an interactive session in which students wrote medications that their registrar had requested them to. There are a series of classic error traps that can frequently lead to further medication errors either transcribing by other doctors, dispensing by pharmacists or administration errors by nurses.
Guidleines to assist with warfarin prescribing as used in All Queensland Public Hospitals may be sueful as a refernce
Tutorial 3 = Safe Prescribing of aminoglycosides and analgesia . This tutorial intorduced some key principles to students in a case based format the safe use of aminoglycosides and analgesia