This topic comprises components of the 3rd and 4th year clinical pharmacy course at Peradeniya University, Kandy, Sri Lanka and was developed and delivered by Dr Ian and Judith Coombes during January and February 2009.
The Authors have acknowledged within individual topics the many colleagues and friends who have allowed us to utilise, adapt and borrow their teaching material.
They would also like to thank Professor Andrew Dawson of SATRC form allowing use of the WIKITOX website as a host for the material prior to a School of Pharmacy Website being set up.

Essential References:
British National Formulary: Is the detailed pharmacopaeia which is used by all medical staff in Sri Lanka as a guide to prescribing. It includes detailed drug monographs including indications, doses, and useful appendices for drug dosing in renal disease, liver impariment, pregnancy, drug interactions and intravenous drug adminsitration guide. Copies are available in the Allied Health faculty Library and can be borrowed by students.

Sri Lankan Essential Drug List: Is the list of drugs that are available and fudned in government hospitals. Private physicians can prescribe from a wider formularly and community (high street) pharmacys would be expected to stock a wider range of medicines

Sri Lankan National Drug Policy: Sri Lanka were one of the first countries to develop a National Drug Policy

National Prescribing Service: This free service is an Australian website that provides unbiased evidence based drug and therapeutic information for health care professionals and students and patients alike. It also links to many Pub MEd references and other reference sources. this page can be searched by simple words such as "heart failure or reflux disease or antibiotics". Whilst aimed primarily at drug use in the community much of it is valid for pharmacy undergraduates.