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It is a bit fuzzy but you can look at a short screen capture demonstration here
Or you can download a PDF with some instructions and screen shots here.
You can click on the discussion tab to read hints or add your own comments

Wiki Structure

The ToxWiki has hierarchical structure based upon a toxicology curriculum developed by Paul Wax et al. for the American Board Emergency Medicine
Each subject has a title associated with a number.
1.0 Principles of Toxicology
  • 1.1 Pharmacology/Toxicology
    • 1.1.1 Pharmacokinetics/Toxicokinetics
      • Bioavailability and Absorption
      • Distribution

Creating a Page

Pages can only be altered by pressing the "Ă‹dit this Page" button. Content is then saved by pressing the Save button.
Text content can be typed in or simply cut or pasted. The default editor is a Visual Editor (What you see is what you get)

Once you press the Edit this page button the page alters and the following editing tool bar is didplayed

Links to new or existing pages are created by highlighting a word and then clicking the icon with the world and unbroken chain. When you do this there a couple of options:
  1. there is a display of existing pages, you can select one of these and link to that page
  2. you can elect to create a new page ( the default name will be the word that you highlighted), it is useful to create a page name that clearly reflects the content of the page. For topics in the curriculum you should select the whole topic including the number

eg Bioavailability and Absorption and then create a page with that name

Having created the link you should save the page you are working on.
Then you can follow the link to the new page.
If you have created a new page there will be a default message in that page (the default message starts"Welcome to the toxicology space". Click the Edit This Page button and it will disappear and you will be in edit mode...edit away then press save.
NB if the phrase you are highlighting contains non alphanumeric s such as & or ?or : it wont form link

Uploading Files

Linking to Files

The Icon of picture of a tree allows you to add a wide number of files. These files include image files, PDF, powerpoint etc. Click on it and a dialogue box opens and asks you to upload a file. Once uploaded double click on the file icon and it is inserted into the page.
A typical contribution consists of some text in a topic area page (generally a curriculum topic) that page would have a link to a teaching resource page
Have a look at an example contribution here
Example Contribution Topic page

Hint: do not use very long file names for uploaded files

Clicking on the discussion tab allows you post a discussion that relates to the page you are currently on.

  • The History tab allows you to look at what changes have occured to the page you are on
Example of resource table which you could cut and paste
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