How to Contribute


The purpose of this wiki is to provide a set of resources that can be used as tools to learn or teach clinical toxicology

There are 2 sections:
  1. Project Administration: This provides an area for issues related to the conduct of the project and general suggestions
  2. Project Area: This area is for the development of content which will be available to end users to facilitate teaching clinical toxicology

  • Content is defined by the Curriculum which is organised into topic areas
  • Within the project area we have identified some priority areas, this is a subset of the entire curriculum. We are trying to complete this first in order to increase the likliehood of multiple contributions to various topic areas. This will allow us to debug our procedures more quickly and before a larger rollout. This area is known as the Priority Topics

Clinical Toxicology Curriculum


Most clinical toxicology is not taught by clinical toxicologists, as a consequence the standard of content delivered is variable in quality.
Most clinical toxicologists have teaching content that they have used in their own units or at selected meetings sitting on their hard disks. This would include keynote lectures. Precongress symposia, Pre and Post graduate teaching material


The proposal is to create a respositry of information where individuals can upload teaching material to be used freely by individuals and other teachers.
It is not intended to get complete consensus in the material as toxicology deals with diverse problems and approaches

Who contributes

Initial contributions are by invitation and based upon recommendations and known expertise. The contribution policy will be reviewed as the project progresses


Contributions are uploaded onto a website. The website is commonly known as a Wiki…it is an online editable website which has a relatively small learning curve.
This allows for multiple authors. Changes are tracked by a database. Individual pages can have their own discussion area for authors to put up suggestions


This site is located at
The project was initiated by a working group in Edinburgh, this report is available from the home page of the project and should give more background information

Getting Started

It is a bit fuzzy but you can look at a short screen capture demonstration external image x-ms-wmv.png [[file/view/wikivideo.wmv|wikivideo.wmv]] here.
Or you can download a PDF with some instructions and screen shots external image pdf.png [[file/view/Toxicology Wiki Instructions.pdf|Toxicology Wiki Instructions.pdf]] here
More help is available here in the wikispaces help section it is best to open this as a new page

If you dont know how to use a wiki you can test out things in the Sandbox

This is the draft record of the workshop held on 19-21 July 2006 in Edinburgh.
You can download the draft external image msword.png [[file/view/report draft.doc|report draft.doc]] or go to a wiki page to read the Edinburgh Workshop Record and add any discussion on that page with the discussion tab