This page contains a series of links and files of teaching material related to the topic area

If you are creating such a page the name should reflect the topic area and the fact eg Receptor Regulation Teaching Resources

When contributing teaching material you should consider


You should consider whether you want to have your name or your institution's name on any of the teaching material. It is up to you.


  • First ask yourself do you need copyright at all
  • You can offer your materials with no copyright or utilise one of the options at Creative Commons Copyright . Creative commons allows you to declare copyright but allows you to give permission for others to use your work in a variety of ways depending which option you choose.
  • You should make sure that your material is using material for which you have copyright permission ( I am checking on this with a copyright lawyer)


In general clinical photos would need to follow the standard set by journals

Submitted Teaching Resources

You should attempt to describe:
  1. File Name
  2. The type of file: eg powerpoint, document, video, web link
  3. Intended audience: eg all, medical student, postgraduate
  4. Previous uses: eg Scientific meeting, course work, post graduate talk
  5. Year it was created: eg 2004
  6. Country of Origin: eg India
  7. Any other files you have uploaded that directly relate to this file (eg lecture notes): eg see toxnotes.doc
  8. Submitters name is optional: John Contributor

I am suggesting the following template which could be cut and pasted from previous pages

File Name
File Type
Previous Use
Year Created
Country of Origin
Associated Files
Submitted by


Andrew Dawson