This is the home page for WikiTox

What is WikiTox

WikiTox is an open access curriculum project to improve the treatment of people who are poisoned.

All content is freely accessible to anyone who visits the site, membership is not required.

Intellectual content is donated by members who have joined WikiTox under falls under a Creative Commons Licence. All content undergoes editorial scrutiny by an editorial group as well as members who are able to comment or edit.

The site is financially supported by donations from groups who have used the material to provide courses.



Most users will seek poisons information or donated teaching materials by entering a substance in the Search Wiki box in the left margin.
  • Specific treatment monographs always start with a number eg Acetaminophen
  • Other hits with a PDF or PPT icon are direct links to teaching files, these are also accessible by following links from the monograph


An alternate way is to browse the monograph list of contents accessed in the left margin as Poisoning Monographs
This produces as series of headings which can be expanded and will take you to monographs and other information